Description of residency program
La Katia Creative is a Residency program for creative travelers looking for a long term stay in a natural environment.  Is based in a hostel outside of Santa Marta in the Colombia Caribbean. This area has a richful nature and indigenous history. Located very close to the famous Tayrona National Park is also a strategic location for day trips to the city, beaches, rivers, and other natural attractions. We want our guests to be inspired by nature.

Duration of residency
The duration is 3 weeks

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
We are able to accommodate painters, makers, designers, textile artist.

Private double bed rooms and 1 shared room with 2 beds (bunk beds), please ask for the aviability. Due to the fact that we are in a rural area, we have a limited Wi-Fi, that is not fast but, good enough for social media, emails, and research, it works in certain areas.

Studio/ workspace
The residency program provides the artists 2 studios. One for painting and mixed art and the other for woodworking and welding. The studio has abundant light, electricity and water access. Also there is a lot of outdoor spaces to choose for work. Panting supplies: Brushes, roller, buckets, spatula, air compressor, airbrush, tables, liners, light box for screen print. Design supplies: Table saw, drill, jigsaw, anglegrinder, Dremel mototool, electron welding machine, and nonelectrical hand tools. Textile: sewing machine.

Fees and support
Private room 6m2 280US Dollars single person or couple. Private 8m2 290 US Dollars single person or couple. Dorm  persons 150 US Dollars each bed

Expectations towards the artist 

To have a travel insurance. We expect to have an open-minded artist that likes to share knowledge and space with other people. To be nature-friendly is very important, we are in the tropics, you will see many kinds of animals and plants and be prepared for the hot and humid days. (don’t worry, we have a river 1 min away to refresh from hot days)You must have a travel insurance. Communication is important, be free to express what you need, we will assist you in everything that is possible for us.  

Application information
Please apply sending a presentation of yourself and work via email, the application process is free. 

 Feel free to ask if there is any availability for a room in any time.